Haiyan picks up seven months after the storm’s deadly wrath to examine the typhoon’s impact on Tacloban, the worst-hit city, what is being done to pick up the pieces and how fellow Filipinos are coping with the aftermath. Tacloban still bears the indelible scars of Haiyan’s destructive path with evidence of it everywhere; the Daniel Z. Romualdez airport has only been partially rebuilt, and much of the city is still on the road to recovery. We go behind the scenes to gain unique insight into the current situation. We explore a grounded cargo ship, a mass grave anda school that remains eerily frozen in time after being completely gutted by the typhoon’s storm surge, which was fueled by winds that reached an average of 195 mph (310 kph). The programme also visits a healing camp where affected children are being taught to forget what they have experienced, and to begin to trust the ocean again. In Haiyan, we see extraordinary moments of sacrifice and the triumph of thehuman spirit.